In August 2020 Crispin Rhodes entered into a new partnership with HR Solutions; which saw Rhonda, and founder Angela Rhodes and their clients join HR Solutions.

Rhonda and Angela continue to be familiar contacts for their Crispin Rhodes clients, who now have the option of additional services and the support of the HR Solutions consultants and advisors.

Rhonda has since been promoted from HR Advisor to HR Consultant in December 2020.  She completed her Associate CIPD course at Kingston College whilst working full time for British Airways many years ago; her dedication required studying until the early hours to complete her modules.

Describing herself as an HR generalist with operational experience, Rhonda has extensive experience of working in highly unionised environments such as British Airways, Gate Gourmet and SSE. Rhonda’s experience includes training and development, recruitment, industrial relations, employee relations and knowledge of information systems.  She also has experience with Global Mobility and deciphering what policies and procedures would apply to overseas managers who were on long term UK assignments. Rhonda would check their contracts to see if they had to adhere to their home country’s policies and procedures or the host rules, which would be the UK rules.

At the start of her career, Rhonda applied for a job as an HR Assistant working for a hotel group called Forte based in Brentford in the mid 1990’s; and is still friends with the lady that recruited her.  Over the years, Rhonda then honed her HR skills whilst working for British Airways, General Electric, Gate Gourment, Sough Heat and Power, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), Uniliver and Weatherbys.

Rhonda enjoys travelling; whilst working for British Airways, she had the opportunity to work in Connecticut, USA which was fun. In her spare time she enjoys weekend breaks away from Northamptonshire to explore the UK.

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Rhonda’s Q&A

What’s your favourite quote?

‘Sometimes we are tested, not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.’ I think it’s very apt as it covers all situations of work and personal life.  There are times when you wonder if you will ever see the light at the end of the tunnel and when you come through whatever has been a challenge that’s when you look back to understand and realise how strong and resilient, we really are.

What’s your favourite song or film, and why?

I have too many favourite songs or films to mention. With music it’s anything with a good beat to get my toes tapping, like RnB, Soul, House and chilled ambient vibes.  With films it depends on the mood but I don’t enjoy scary ones; it doesn’t take much of a scare for me to be hiding behind the sofa!

What do you wish other people knew about HR Solutions?

Everyone is so down to earth and friendly; and the amount of HR, health and safety knowledge we have is incredible.  I also don’t think that there isn’t a situation or scenario that one or more of us hasn’t dealt with in our careers when it comes to HR.