Elaine joined HR Solutions in December 2017 as a Senior  HR Consultant, having merged her business with HR Solutions.


We are very pleased to welcome Elaine who joins us from, HR Services UK.  On the 1st of December 2017, HR Solutions completed the acquisition of HR Services (UK) Limited.  Elaine who started HR Services in 2007,  has been providing outsourced HR solutions to businesses in the UK, some of which also operate on an international scale.  As part of the merger, HR Solutions will gain new valued clients, that we will support along with Elaine going forward.

Elaine decided to merge her business with HR Solutions to be able to provide a wider array of expert services, fast response times and a larger group of HR Advisors and Consultants for support.  She says,

“I chose carefully when deciding who to join forces with and I chose HR Solutions because we share the same values, so I know that the clients I bring to the merger will have the same level of service (if not better) than they’ve always had with HR Services UK.”

Elaine’s commercial acumen gained in operational roles has enabled her to excel in change management, acquisition, disposal and TUPE multi-site projects. Her proof of success is evident in that 95% of business growth was through client referrals.

Elaine’s Q&A

What’s your greatest personal achievement?

I have more than one.  Bringing two amazing sons into the world and supporting them to develop solid business and personal values; studying (and passing) my Business Management Degree and HR Degree whilst working full-time; and finally developing my own business with great success.

What’s the best bit of advice you've ever been given?

My Grandfather told me “never a lender, nor a borrower be”.  I’ve ignored the first part and never got it back… the second I adhered to.  I should have listened to the best advice ever had and I might be slightly better off!

What is your favourite film?

The original version of Wuthering Heights – simply the most thought-provoking film ever.  I cry the moment it comes on.  It’s full of passion and rage at the same time.

What do you wish other people knew about HR Solutions?

The wide range of services they offer to small and larger businesses alike.  A total one-stop shop for all HR & Payroll related support with a bunch of experienced, qualified people to deliver.