Angela is the founder and Director of Crispin Rhodes, a Milton Keynes based HR firm, as well as HR Services Director at HR Solutions.


We are delighted that in August 2020 Crispin Rhodes entered into a new partnership with HR Solutions, which saw Angela and her team join HR Solutions.  Angela and her team continue to be familiar contacts for their Crispin Rhodes clients who now have the option of additional services and the support of the HR Solutions consultants and advisors.

Angela has over 35 years generalist HR and employment law experience.  She has dedicated over 23 of those years to managing Crispin Rhodes; where in all of that time, no client who has followed their advice has ever successfully been taken to an employment tribunal.

Early on in her career, Angela joined SMC Pneumatics, a Milton Keynes based, Japanese manufacturing firm, where her role as Office Manager included managing HR for the 12 UK based employees.  After 3 years in this role, and the birth of her son, she returned from maternity leave in 1988 and was given the option of focusing on managing Purchasing or HR.  Angela’s keen interest in helping to strengthen the employer-employee relationship through identifying and resolving workplace issues, meant that she made the emphatic choice of taking full responsibility for HR, and was promoted to the role of HR Manager.  Later on in her career, Angela also managed HR for President Office Furniture, based in St Albans, before setting up her own HR consultancy, Crispin Rhodes.

In her spare time Angela enjoys playing tennis, scuba diving and supporting her sons’ love of rugby.  For over 6 years, Angela has been passionate about fundraising for the Oasis Project (The Gambia); and in particular supporting the Starlight School and community based in Bakau, The Gambia.   As Chairman of the charity, she has seen first hand what a real difference has been made to improving the lives of hundreds of children and families over the past few years with projects that have sponsored children’s education, bought a new school bus, improved drainage and sanitation, helped to reduce malaria and provided much needed eye care from volunteer opticians.

The team at HR Solutions are proud to be fundraising alongside Angela and her team, with our joint ‘Walk to The Gambia’ fundraising campaign which will see us walk the distance from Kettering to Bakau, in the Gambia, and back again – a total of 7,378 miles!  Our aim is to raise £30,000 to build two new classrooms for the Starlight School.

Crispin Rhodes HR | Angela Rhodes

Angela’s Q&A

What is your greatest personal achievement?

My greatest achievement is setting up and successfully managing Crispin Rhodes for the past 23 years; I’m also proud to have been approached by HR Solutions with the offer to join forces.

What is your favourite food?

My favourite food is cheese, especially Chaource which is a soft, creamy French cheese similar to, but more delectable, than Brie. Yum!  I discovered it years ago, when I was a marshall for a charity cycle challenge which toured through the beautiful village of Chaource in France.

What do you wish other people knew about HR Solutions?

Joining forces with HR Solutions was easy as Crispin Rhodes share the same values.  We value people, as well as finding and retaining the best people to create an inclusive employee culture that relies on amazing people and businesses working together to get the best out of everyone and deliver the best possible HR services. 

From an HR, health and safety perspective we’re dedicated to helping people build a positive, productive and protected workplace; and from a humanitarian perspective we believe that it’s everybody’s responsibility to help make the world a little brighter and a little better. I’m so delighted that HR Solutions share my passion for our ‘Walk to the Gambia’ charity fundraising campaign!