Fixed Fee Recruitment to find the perfect match

Five pears in a row

At HR Solutions, we know how important it is to get the right employee for the role and we know how much time that process can take. We also know that as a busy HR Professional, your time is important.

We offer a dedicated recruitment service that has been designed to reduce the time you spend on recruitment, from the start of the employment process all the way through to the interview stage. We also ensure that you only have to deal with the most suitable applicants for your role.

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Expert service at a fraction of the cost of a recruitment agency

HR Solutions charge a flat rate of £699.99 (+VAT) per campaign, regardless of the role. Within this cost we provide:

  • Advertisement writing – if you are unsure how to best prepare your job description we will assist you with identifying your business needs and putting it into a job description format.
  • Distribution of vacancies across media channels – we target our advertising across all of the major recruitment sites and job boards.
  • CV screening – we make sure that only the most suitable applicants make it through to the interview stage.
  • Interview scheduling – we contact candidates on your behalf and ensure that they have all the details they need prior to meeting with you.
  • Offers and regrets – we will inform applicants of whether they have got the role or if they are not right for the role.
  • Multiple candidates – because we charge per listing, you can recruit as many candidates as you need for that role, for the same flat rate.