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Female Network Rail employee awarded £75,000 in equal pay claim

By December 30, 2016March 26th, 2019Case Review, Legal Update

A Female Network Rail employee was awarded a £75,000 payout after winning an equal pay case at an employment tribunal. The woman had been paid as much as 37% less than her male colleagues.

This latest ruling may serve as a warning to employers about how pay gap reporting could see them face similar tribunal challenges.

The employee had worked as a training assurance specialist for Network Rail before being made redundant in 2014. The woman claimed that from the end of 2007, she was paid 37% less than a male colleague. She took her case to tribunal on the grounds of unfair dismissal, harassment and equal pay. However, the tribunal dismissed her first two claims.

She said she was aware there was a disparity in what she was paid compared to male colleagues but hadn’t realised the full extent.

Second recent payout for rail firm

This is the second tribunal case Network Rail have faced recently. In October, a male employee was awarded £30,000 for sex discrimination after his bosses offered him statutory pay during shared parental leave, despite mothers receiving full pay.

Pay gap reporting

With the introduction of gender pay gap reporting next year, it is likely that employers would pick up such discrepancies regarding equal pay. The process should mean that companies can keep on top of this kind of issue. If they don’t, then they are likely to pay the price and find themselves in an employment tribunal.
Organisations with over 250 employees will need to start reporting the overall gender pay gap between employees from next April.



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