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Career prospects and pay

In October 2018, The Prime Minister announced the launch of a new ethnicity pay consultation, designed to consider whether obligatory reporting would help with addressing disparities in both career prospects and pay between white workers and their black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) colleagues.

Consultation for employers

It is said that mandatory reporting would remove barriers faced by underrepresented groups in employment, which would help to allow BAME workers to progress in their careers and reach their full potential ‘regardless of their background’.

However, the consultation document explains that the purpose of reporting would not just be about social justice. It explains: ‘We know that companies with diverse workforces perform better and are more profitable.’

Feedback provided by employers and other organisations regarding their views on what ethnicity pay information should be reported in order to allow meaningful action, and who should be expected to report and next steps – is currently being analysed.

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