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Employment tribunal decisions to be available online

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The decisions of employment tribunals can soon be accessed online.

HM Courts and Tribunals Services said that the judgements will become available on the internet from this autumn. This will mean that members of the public will be able to easily search for judgements from England, Scotland and Wales.

At the moment, if anyone wants to find out about employment tribunal judgements, they have to personally go to the offices in Glasgow for Scottish judgements and Bury St Edmunds for English and Welsh decisions.

At a cost, it will be possible to order copies of certain decisions by post.

The new online tool is expected to be a useful resource for people involved in employment proceedings and show how some tribunals have tackled certain legal issues. Making this information more widely available to the public and press, may also see parties resolve their disputes quicker, in an effort to avoid possible negative publicity.

HM Courts and Tribunals Services has not announced a specific date yet for when the new service will be launched or whether past judgments will be put online too.

Employment Appeal Tribunal decisions and Court of Appeal decisions on employment law are available via the EAT online service, the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary’s online service and the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII).

People will still be able to access details of the decisions made at previous employment tribunals from the Glasgow and Bury St Edmunds offices, after the service goes online.

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