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Data Sharing Code: Data Protection Act 2018 and the ‘UK GDPR’

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There is a new statutory code of practice called the ‘Data Sharing Code’ from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

It replaces the previous one and helps organisations to understand current data protection laws – namely the Data Protection Act 2018 and the ‘UK GDPR’.  The UK GDPR is the UK’s version of the GDPR which was written into UK law at the end of 2020, to sit alongside the DPA 2018. Any references to the GDPR include the UK version.

The code of practice does not impose anything new. It does give expectations and in some cases best practice advice. Although it is not law, courts will consider whether organisations have complied with the code when making judgements (similar to ACAS codes of conduct).

Read the ICO’s summary to find out more about the Data Sharing Code of Practice at

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