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Could Brexit be reversed?

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Article 50

Next week, on the 27th November 2018,  the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) will rule whether the UK can withdraw the notice which triggered Article 50, stopping Brexit altogether.

Whether or not this is a possibility is a legal question which the government have sought legal advice on (although this advice is so far unpublished). Lord Kerr, an author of the Article 50 notice, has argued that the British government may withdraw it if they wanted to. European Union leaders have said that if Britain wishes to reverse Article 50, it probably can as the door is still open to stay in.

The go ahead for this case was secured from a Scottish court by a group of cross-party politicians. The Supreme Court ruled against the government who had attempted to block the case from going ahead.

Whether or not the option to halt Brexit is a possibility will become important as Theresa May’s Brexit deal seems to become ever more likely to be rejected by the Commons vote taking place next month.


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