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Brexit: European Works Councils

By October 14, 2019October 21st, 2019Case Review, Current Affairs, Legal Update

European Works Councils (EWC) – awareness of ‘no deal’ arrangements

European Works Councils represent the European employees of a company.  The government aims to ensure that the existing rights and protections continue to be available. However, please be aware that in a no deal scenario the UK regulations will be amended so that:

  • No new requests to set up a EWC or Information and Consultation procedure can be made
  • Provisions relevant to the ongoing operation of existing EWC will remain in force
  • Requests for information or to establish EWCs or Information and Consultation procedures made before EU exit, but not completed by EU exit, will be allowed to complete.

UK businesses with European Works Councils, and trade unions that are parties to European Works Council agreements, may need to review those agreements in light of there no longer being reciprocal arrangements between the UK and the EU.

We would recommend that you:

  • Consider whether you wish to allow a similar system to operate within your international organisation
  • If so, determine the parameters of this
  • Consider whether you wish to continue with any existing EWC agreements that you may have, both in the UK and in the EU
  • Communicate the decision to employees where appropriate.

If you do not have EWCs in your organisation, then you do not need to make any preparations in this area.

Further Brexit and HR Guidance

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